Oliver Riester: A dish-washing career “from team cook - to race driver!”

In 2000, Oliver Riester started his first racing season as a team cook! After watching two races behind the kitchen stove, he was invited to try his own luck – and was done for motor sports! So, Oliver not only prepared the meals for the team, he also enjoyed the fascination on the race track. After getting a racing-licence, he finished the 2000 Formula Ford 1600 Swiss Championships with a fine 9th ranking position. Unfortunately, due to a severe skiing accident early 2001, Oliver was unable to take part in the two following racing seasons. March 2003, Oliver bought a 1985 REYNARD Formula Ford 1600, which was fully rebuilt in the following months. In 2004 - his first complete season - he finished as overall 3rd in the Swiss Slalom Championship (Class E2 1400 – 1600).

Until today Oliver Riester has been active internationally and locally in Switzerland. August 2007 Oliver Riester wins his first hill climbing race, 8 months later his 2nd race! Since April 2009 he drives a Dallara Formula 3.



AIDS is still off-limits! The cases of yearly new HIV – infected people are still extremely high! Slaloms, hill climbing events and racing activities on tracks are common places for many enthusiastic spectators and therefore an ideal platform, to make people aware of it. Since 2004 Oliver Riester supports as official ambassador the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health in their “LOVE LIFE – STOP AIDS” prevention. He distributed in between the races more than 45000 condoms - for free - to spectators in the winner's circle!

Ever since the logo of the LOVE LIVE - STOP AIDS campaign is visible on race driver’s overall, cars and team vehicle. This successful relationship has been strongly underlined by various and very positive reactions by spectators and the press. Oliver Riester forwards excess donations to the Swiss Aids Federation.


What can you do for us?

Support this „LOVE LIFE – STOP AIDS“ engagement. Your supportive sponsorship covers travel costs, participation fees, fuel / oil and spare parts. Important: Surplus cash will be donated for further “LOVE LIFE - STOP AIDS” campaigns.

Your benefits:

· We represent your company on our formula ford racing car, witch competes on different racing events trough Europe.

· You may use at any time the car for your client related events, exhibitions or even your commercial ideas.

· We’ll organize a Supporter-day, where you and clients will be in 1st row and smell race-air (details are following)

The car will be used as show-car at different non-racing events by the Federal Office too. Press releases will be published in the near future.

Please contact me for more details or a firm offer under: info@oliver-riester.com

Interview with Oliver Riester:

What is important in your life?

Health, a lot of sun, and very close friends

Wow does a perfect day look for you?

After a perfect day; I fall into my bed with the good feeling that another perfect day with new adventures, lots of fun and interesting contacts is ahead of me.

How would you describe your look?

Tall and sportive, with green eyes and little ears….

How do you spend your spare time?

I enjoy every minute and travelling - How about an excursion to the Tuscany in Italy

Are you allergic to anything?

Yes, to lies and “Sauerkraut”!

What makes you laugh?

The tiny and funny every-day incidents and moments

How do you spend your holidays?

In areas, where I can discover new things – like in Asia, Canada or at home

Do you have a pet?

Yes, a fly and a small spider in my cellar

What does luxury mean to you?

Time is luxury for me, therefore I enjoy these relaxing moments

Do you rather believe in coincidence or in destiny?

Every coincidence is part of destiny.

Is there something you are particularly proud of?

I am proud of everything I have achieved so far in my life and my “Love Live Stop Aids” engagement with the Federal Swiss Office of Health

What are your goals?

Reminding people that AIDS is still out there. Enjoy racing weekends together with my friends, and deliver good results!





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